Jennifer Sharp (jenisnape) wrote in canada_wireless,
Jennifer Sharp

LG Chocolate flip


I have a Chcolate flip (8600) Telus phone that I need to get rid of (as I'm moving out of the country and I won't be able to use it!).

It's only been used for 5 months and has hardly any wear at all!
It will come with a clear hard plastic cover too.
It also will come with all the cords, and the memory reader and micro SD card.
I paid full for it (as I didn't want a contract) and I know I won't be getting nearly as much as I paid so I'm asking for half the price I paid which would be $150.00... OBO.
If you want pictures or more info email me :)
Also, depending on where you are, I might include free shipping.

also, mods, if this isn't allowed please feel free to delete.
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