taralee (angylgirl) wrote in canada_wireless,

Problems with Fido.

I want to know if anyone here has had problems with fido, brace yourself for a story - here's ours -

we purchased two phones from a dealership about 2 months ago, we switched them 14 days later for the ericsson z600's, GREAT phones.

Problem was, our first bill from Fido was $986. Obviously, I Freaked out and called them, they told me all the charges WERE justified, yet no one told us about the $250 deposits since we had 2 phones on one account. We switched my phone into MY name, and they charged us another $500 in cancellation fees!

Numerous times I called them screaming, wanting to speak to a supervisor and they refused to transfer me, is that normal?

I was also told that unless an operator leaves a comment on your file, there is no way for anyone to tell they were in it, is that true?

Any help would be appreciated, we are looking into suing fido for breach of contract on their part to get out of our 2 year contract.
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