Susan (zoobie) wrote in canada_wireless,

FIDO question

I am a customer most of you working for wireless companies absolutely hate. I always pay my amounts past due (mainly because I don't get paid until the balance is due)

The past two months I have severely messed up due to personal reasons (sick dog, self getting tested for cancer etc) and didn't pay my last amount in full. As a consequence, I was past due $180.00 that had to be paid at the end of last month.

I just paid it off yesterday via online banking.

My questions are the following:
1. How long does payment usually take to clear?
2. How long till someone over at FIDO turns off my account? :( (I keep missing their phonecalls, and to be quite honest I'm pretty scared of talking to them because I'll get yelled at)

Thanks and I'm sorry if you work for FIDO :(
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