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It's now been over 24 hours since the time change occurred and my cell phone has still not been updated. I've turned it on and off a few times throughout the day, and nothing happened. If I wake up tomorrow and it hasn't been updated yet, I'm calling customer service.

Has anyone else had this problem today?
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i took my battery out and it fixed itself
I took your advice and took out the battery out and then put it back it. Still no change.

This is annoying. I'm calling CS when I wake up.

Thanks for your help though!
im pretty useless with technology.
but likei said it worked for me...
Just out of curiosity, are you will Bell too?
well it was my friends v220
my nokia is fantastic so i had no probs with that.

but im with rogers
i think she is too
Ah okay. Just curious. Someone else I know with a Bell phone also is not updated. If it's not just me, I'm sure when I call in tomorrow they'll have a fix, or at least be able to say they know about since more than one person has the issue.

Anyway, thanks! =)
Maybe it IS a bell thing :S Adam changed it manually (rogers) and my telus one changed on its own.
It's fixed now. I woke up and it was the correct time. I sort of thought it would be fixed today, seeing how it's Monday. They probably had to do something for it to happen and everything Bell related is closed on weekends.
More reason to come to telus! You should call them anyway. And demand lost wages!
I'm still very happy with Bell, sorry =P